Sate Ponorogo

Ponorogo, the regency of East Java, Indonesia, is a place known for one thing more than any-a contribution to the Eastern culinary world that has had enthusiasts all over the globe attempting their variations since first falling in love with the taste and the beauty of the presentation. Sate Ponorogo, as the dish has come to be known, consists of grilled marinated chicken satay, which is served in peanut sauce. Garnishing the dish is a healthy portion of chili paste, lime juice, and shredded shallots.

The great thing about Sate Ponorogo, as far as satay recipes are concerned, is how such a seemingly simple dish can be so easily expounded upon by different seasonings, ingredients, and an almost entrepreneurial spirit of adventure in the hearts of cooks all across the world. Typically served on skewers as most satay recipes are, Sate Ponorogo is generally a chicken-based product, though nothing is to stop an experimental cook-namely you-from tinkering with the ingredients and producing Sate Ponorogo by way of mutton, goat, turtle, and even snake meat.

But when preparing Sate Ponorogo and coming up with one of your very own satay recipes, it is important that you first know what you are getting yourself into. Visit an Asian grocery store in your area, and ask questions about some of the different seasonings and ingredients available before you set out to produce your own skewers and your own satay recipes. Sate Ponorogo may not be something that you get right the first time, but with experimentation and determination, it can quickly turn into one of your favorite dishes in the world. Of course, before you get too adventurous, you will probably want to first try it the traditional way and then come up with your own variations from there.

Sites like have made it easier for those with a taste for Sate Ponorogo and other satay recipes to satiate their cravings and produce traditional favorites and new concoctions that will quickly become mainstays on a family menu. If you are looking to become more adventurous in your kitchen, and you want to bring a taste of the East into your home, then Sate Ponorogo is the way to do it. But before you take the next step, make sure that you have chosen ingredients that are conducive to your palette, and that you have explored for ideas and variances.

Ponorogo is a dish that is great any way that you serve it. Whether you choose the traditional method using marinated grilled chicken or try to spice things up a bit, for lack of a better word, it is something that your entire family can enjoy. It is also a great answer for the next time someone asks you what’s for dinner.