Satay Skewers

In the world of cooking, the term of Satay is often linked to a certain sauce, but the original meaning of the term is something completely different. With origins in Indonesia and Malaysia, the Satay style of cooking was an immediate success and neighboring countries quickly developed their own similar variations. However, one thing has remained constant. All Satay dishes are composed of Meat Skewers and a sauce for dipping. Although the flavors change wildly from region to region, the Satay Skewers are always present in an authentic dish. In American restaurants, the Satay term is used to refer to the common peanut dipping sauce, but true restaurants will make sure that the Satay Skewers are always used in these dishes.

One resource for a person that would like to learn more about Satay cooking is found at the website. This online guide traces the origins of Satay Skewers from their birth in the early 19th century to their worldwide success in current times. The website looks at the many variations that can be found, often within the same country, and how the Meat Skewers have influenced the overall culinary culture of the countries. In addition to providing a wealth of information about the Satay Skewers, the website also lists a number of Satay recipes that can be tried to experience the true flavor of this famous dish.

In addition to the ubiquitous chicken Satay Skewers, it is important to note that the dishes can be made with many other types of meat. In Southeastern Asia where the dish is at the height of popularity, the most common is not chicken, but rather pork. The Meat Skewers are usually made with a small grilled piece of pork and served with different kinds of dipping sauces depending on the customer’s individual preference. Most shops that sell Satay Skewers will have a few options for the meat that is used in the skewers. The aforementioned Pork and Chicken are popular choices, but a customer can also find the Meat Skewers with beef, fish, and almost any other type of meat as well.

In true Satay Skewers, the type of meat and the way it has been grilled will dictate the type of sauce that is served. Pork is generally served with a sweet sauce with fruit that helps to focus the sweet flavor notes of the pork meat. On the other hand, chicken is most commonly paired with a peanut sauce that is a good melding of the earthy flavors of both components. A person should not limit themselves to only one type of Satay sauces and Meat Skewers. The combinations are seemingly endless and a person should try many different recipes and restaurants to discover their personal favorite flavors.