Satay Around The World

Satay is a method of cooking, and involves slicing thin cuts of meat, marinating them and cooking them on skewers. At it’s origin it was a dish from Indonesia but for the last half century, since the 1950s, it has made it’s way around the world. Some people that are familiar with the dish may think of it as having skewers of meat such as chicken or pork alongside a dipping such as peanut sauce. While this is most common, there are many variations of this Indonesian based dish and can be found in restaurants all over the world, including Las Vegas, London. Paris, New York and it’s place of origin, Indonesia.

Most typically you can find the tasty dish served with strips of meat that include chicken, pork, beef or seafood. Vegetables are also popular and a peanut based dipping sauce is the most common dipping sauce that’s served with the dish. The difference between it and skewers is that while skewers are cooked with a variation of meats and vegetables, Satay is simply long strips of meat, which make serving them with a dipping sauce easy and compatible.

Thai Satay is a popular dish found in countries all over the world. While it was once Thailand’s most authentic dish, it has created a popular following in places like New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Thai Satay can be used with meat, vegetables or a combination. Served throughout Southeast Asia, this tasty dish is popular in Thailand and served with long strips of chicken, seafood, tofu or pork and accompanied by a sweet peanut based dipping sauce. Thai Satay is now a popular appetizer or main dish offered in Thai restaurants throughout the United States, London and a staple item in virtually any restaurant in Indonesia. Thai Satay is an affordable dish that can fit anyone’s budget, and is filling as well. Thai Satay although commonly served as an appetizer, can be a delicious main dish and easy to make at home as well as try at restaurants worldwide.

Each place around the world has developed a slightly different take on this delicious dish. When visiting places throughout the world such as London, Paris, Las Vegas or New York, try different variations of Satays and indulge in a wide range of flavors, textures and variations of meat and vegetables. Satay New York offers some of the most unique, traditional and delicious Satay dishes in the world. Staying true to the classic recipes from Indonesia, Satay New York offers the customer a wonderful array of new and old dishes to excite any palate! When experiencing the meat, vegetables and most of all, the delicious peanut sauce amount other dipping sauces, don’t be afraid to savor and enjoy every moment of it! It is a wonderful appetizer to be shared at a restaurant or given as a treat to guests at your next party.