Satay Washington DC

Satay consists of a marinated meat which resembles the form of skewers. They are often dipped in a peanut based sauce and associated with Thai or Indonesian restaurants. Their origin is thought to be from Java or Sumatra, Indonesia but regardless of where they originated, they are the national food in the country of Indonesia and throughout Southeastern Asia. Throughout the world, Satay has come full circle by promoting a new way for people to eat. It’s bold flavors, interesting marinades and tasty peanut dipping sauce has made it a Thai restaurant food staple, as well as being served in many Japanese, Chinese and Asian fusion restaurants as well. While it can be found in many cities throughout the world such as Paris, London, Las Vegas and San Francisco, some of the best Satay is found in Washington DC.

Some popular Washington Satay dishes include Malaysian Grilled Chicken, pork or a choice of a combination of meats and dipping sauces. A common Satay marinade will include soy sauce, salt, sugar and green onions. Simply but tasty, it works well with chicken or shrimp and complements the mild peanut sauce well. If you want a great recipe, visit Satay restaurants in Washington DC offer affordable rates, and it can vary from $8 for several skewers of Satay to $20 for a family sized Satay to share around the table or at your next get together. There are many Thai restaurant in Washington DC which offer it in the form of appetizers or main entrée . While Satay is typically thought of as an appetizer, many Washington DC restaurants offer entrée sized ‘chef specials’ that include Satay marinated shrimp with peanut sauce over rice, skewered marinated chicken with a selection of dipping sauces and pork with a soy sauce marinade. For many great marinade ideas and recipes, visit

This delicious dish has come around the world as a wonderful dish with many purposes. Not only just an appetizer, it offers a great finger food to have at your next party. Many people order Satay for their business parties or birthday as it comes with already cooked chicken or beef and a simply dipping sauce that requires a quick reheating. Whatever your next special gathering is, you can easily order it from your nearest Thai or Indonesian restaurant in Washington DC! When choosing a restaurant, know your budget. Since the Indonesian based dish can be very affordable or costly, you’ll want to determine your budget. From $8.00 to $50.00, Satay can be very affordable or an expensive appetizer. Whatever your budget is, you will have a great meal for the right price. What will you be serving at your next Washington get together? Do you want to impress a potential client when you meet at a Thai restaurant? A quick and easy solution is ordering Satay, with its many bold flavors and rich satisfaction.