Satay Bar

If you want to give new foods a try, a great place to branch out would be to find a Satay Bar. If you have been using for awhile to develop your own cooking skills you might be ready to show it off to your friends and family. A Satay Bar is perfect for showcasing your Thai and Asian cuisine to friends. It’ll be the talk of your friends if you offer them something more than the typical party favors and cheap snacks. If they haven’t had traditional Thai or Asian food before, though, you might want to go light on the peanut and Satay sauce you cook your food in so the taste isn’t overpowering. Set out a hot-pot of sauce so those that want it can use it but those that don’t can still enjoy the food. When preparing your own bar stay with the traditional recipes at first, and branch out more once you’re sure your guests are fans of Satay cooking.

If you are making a Satay Bar for a party or event, then you will want food that can be easily picked up and snacked on without putting on a grand meal. You can have rice set out for those that want it, but focus on the meat and vegetables. Skewers off of the grill are great, with Satay sauce for dipping, along with thin slices of beef or pork which are sometimes cooked in the sauce, and an assortment of steamed vegetables. If you’re not sure which recipes to use check and pick a recipe that will hold its intended flavor and taste even if it is picked apart instead of being eaten as a whole meal. One of the more interesting restaurants that have been springing up around the country is a Glowball Satay Bar. These offer varities of Satay dishes that come from various countries. demonstrates many of the recipes from many different cultures, and if you want to give a handful of them a try before you decide what to learn how to make yourself a Glowball Satay Bar is a great place to go.

Even if you already have some Satay grilling experience these sorts of restaurants are a fantastic way to expand your pallet and open some friends to the experience. The next time you want to make an impression or try something new, look for a local Glowball Satay Bar for a wonderful taste of Thai, Chinese, Indian, and other traditional Asian cultural dishes. Keep track of the recipes you like most, as you’ll put on quite an impressive show when you learn to grill it for your friends later. Throwing some of the better recipes into your own Satay Bar is a sure fire way to make sure your cooking is the talk amongst your friends and family for a while.