Satay Healthy Living

With the worlds growing consciousness of health and wellness, eating right has become a high priority for many people. While the economy suffers, eating at home is also a new goal, and the combination of these two new life changes means your ability to cook (or make good choices when you do go out to eat) are more important than ever. Luckily, grilling fresh vegetables and lean meats are wonderful for you and inexpensive to do yourself. Satay is a wonderful choice if you are looking for Healthy Food to maintain a full-flavored diet. The baseline rice is a wonderful complex carbohydrate, fresh vegetables don’t lose most of the nutrition when steamed rather than fried or sautéed, the meats used are typically lean and healthy alternatives to ground beef or greasy meats, and Satay sauce is perfect for adding flavor to your Healthy Food choices without adding too many calories or unhealthy fats (peanut sauce in general is extremely healthy) to your diet.

If you want to grill Satay dishes often without detracting too much from the Healthy Food aspects of Thai and Asian cuisine then create more chicken and pork than beef dishes, or if you plan to create Satay dishes multiple times per week look at recipes on that will work well if made from strictly vegetables. Going a little heavier on the peanut Satay sauce and completely taking meat out of the meal is a great way to avoid extra calories and give you a filling dinner. Another aspect of healthy  dieting is to stay with lean meats. These are typically thought to be chicken, or certain cuts of pork and beef. Research online what local delis and supermarkets can offer you prime cuts of meat rather than the fatty, cheap cuts. If you must buy fattier meats then grill your Satay with the fat on, but cut it off before serving. You will have to purchase and grill more meat if you’re buying cheaper cuts so compare carefully to determine if the high-fat low meat cuts are really “cheaper” than the lean cuts.
Adding flavor to your grilling is what is going to take the bland, stereotypical “healthy taste” out of your lean meats and fresh vegetables.

If you are looking for healthy recipes on then you should search for the options that use peanut sauce. Peanut sauce is a great savory and spicy flavoring that adds some protein to the meal as well. Particularly, these are important if you are creating a meal using only vegetables as the protein will be lacking when compared to a chicken or pork dish. Mixing up your combinations will keep your diet from becoming too boring and more likely to stay on track, and give you insight to your favorite dishes to create for friends and family who ask about how you got such great results.